Hammer Toe Surgery: Do You Need It?

When your feet hurt day and night, you may wonder if you're ever go without pain again. Chronic foot pain can wreak havoc on your life. The pain can strike at any given moment, or it can last for days on end. I was in your shoes a few years ago. My feet would ache at work, in the evening, and even when I slept at night. Finally, I sought help from a podiatrist, or foot doctor. The doctor examined my feet and diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis and heel pain. Both conditions would become worse without immediate treatment. I now want to share what I've learned about chronic foot pain with you. My blog provides information about different types of foot pain and how they develop. Hopefully, the information can help you feel good again. Thanks for stopping by and good luck.

Hammer Toe Surgery: Do You Need It?

6 October 2022
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If you need hammer toe surgery, it's best to get the surgery done as soon as you can. Hammer toes can be relieved to a degree by wearing shoes with a wide toe box and wearing supportive pads around your toes, but the condition won't correct itself. 

Hammer toes are caused by genetics, natural foot shape, or the way you wear your shoes. If you wear high heels or often wear shoes that have tight toe boxes, you may get hammer toes. It's not uncommon to have a hammer toe on one foot and not the other.

Only your podiatrist can correctly identify a hammer toe and then recommend hammer toe surgery. A podiatrist is a foot doctor who can diagnose and treat several foot issues, such as hammer toes, ingrown toenails, toe fungus, and arch and heel issues. If you need hammer toe surgery, expect to spend some weeks healing so your toe can be corrected and protected while it heals. While the process may be uncomfortable for a short while, it's worth it to get hammer toe surgery if you need it.

You have pain in a stiff toe

A hammer toe is a toe that is starting to curl downward on the knuckle. Similar to a claw toe, a hammer toe can be painful and stiff, eventually needing surgery to correct. If your hammer toe has gotten to a point where you more walk on the knuckle of your toe than the bottom of the tip of your toe, you may need hammer toe surgery.

You have a hard time finding shoes

If you have a difficult time finding shoes because your hammer toe sticks up or you need a wider shoe to walk in for comfort, then speak to your podiatrist about having hammer toe surgery done. They can also help you find better-fitting shoes. Hammer toe surgery can be a permanent solution for your foot pain.

You have more than one hammer toe

Do you have multiple hammer toes? Hammer toe surgery can be the best solution for you if this is the case. Your hammer toes are going to get worse with time and may even start to form on most of your toes, so check with your podiatrist to see what your hammer toe solutions are.

You can prevent hammer toe issues in the future by wearing better-fitting shoes and doing toe and foot exercises. If you are prone to stiff toes, these treatments can be even more beneficial.  

Contact a local podiatrist to learn more about hammer toe surgery.